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    Blue Cheese!


    A pairing of maytag blue cheese, orange blossom honey comb and freshly cut lavender. Here, it is presented for a cheese course after dinner but can be easily adapted for hors d’oeuvres or part of a nice lunch with fresh pears.

    While based in Essex, Connecticut for the summer, I have been so lucky to cross paths with one of the most knowledgeable cheese connoisseurs and welcoming shop owners I have met to date. Paul and Sue Pertica have rekindled my love of specialty cheeses from around the world and inspired the addition of a cheese course to our daily menus onboard the yacht. The Cheeseshop of Centerbrook, CT is a must visit.

    On my last visit, Paul provided some interesting history about Maytag blue cheese…

    Turns out while Mr. Maytag (from the Maytag corporation) was traveling through France he was so taken with Roquefort blue cheese that he wanted to recreate it at home. Then, with the use of his local cattle and a different aging environment we now have the classic American Maytag blue cheese.


    Pear, Roquefort and Maple Glazed Walnut Salad

    The combinations in this salad are a true complement to each other. Crisp mixed greens, sliced d’anjou pears, creamy and tangy Roquefort and sweet walnuts… a salad lovers heaven. To make quick maple glazed walnuts: toast walnuts in nonstick sautée pan until fragrant and stir in a little (start with 1 tbsp) maple syrup. Toss to coat and add more syrup to taste. Using Grade A, real maple syrup is key. This is an ingredient we can not skimp on. Put the glazed walnuts right onto the salad before they all stick together. I like to put the walnuts on top of the greens already scattered with pears to provide more color contrast and visual depth within the finished dish. We love this salad with the light balsamic vinaigrette you can find in June’s post “A Little Guide to Vinaigrettes.”



    Blue Cheese Tasting of Maytag, Roquefort and Shropshire cheeses paired with Farm-picked Blackberry & Nectarine Crisp.

    It was during this cheese and dessert pairing in which we all recognized the true complement of fine blue cheeses and sweet undertones.


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