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    I am so glad to share some of the recipes, photos and wonderful experiences that make up my little slice of life.  Through years of working on private yachts and traveling I have come to appreciate the many unique and beautiful ingredients the world has to offer.  Each new place provides all the inspiration needed to create new menus and share good food with great people.  My story goes a little something like this…with some dedication, refinement (the incredible Master French chefs at Le Cordon Bleu, Ottawa certainly helped!) and organization I was transformed from food enthusiast to personal yacht chef.  Who knew!?!  Years later, it is still magical to turn all the excitement of the world into the recipes that make up the ever changing menus that make up incredible experiences.  Those who know me can attest, I do love to relish in life’s pleasures and I certainly hope these posts will give you the extra motivation to indulge a little too!


    Happy Eating My Friends,

    Chef Nina Viola


    Location:  Floating around somewhere on the East Coast of the United States, Bahamas, Caribbean or Florida

    … please contact me and share any questions or ideas.


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